Two of the accused: Peter Sunde (middle) and Fredrik Neij (right). Photo: Anders Wiklund / SCANPIX

Pirate Bay appeal decision today

Friday sees the conclusion of yet another high profile court case here in Stockholm, as the men behind the controversial Pirate Bay file-sharing website find out whether their conviction for running a so called bit-torrent site, and making it possible for millions of users around the world to illegally download copyrighted material, will be overturned.

We will be following this story - bringing you the result, and what this means - all through the day.

Much of the evidence in the appeal trial has been on video, hence the much more low key trial this time round, but experts say the judgement could have a large impact.

Defence lawyers claim that the Pirate Bay website could be compared to a search engine, so that if the former Pirate Bay owners are convicted, then sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube could also face problems.

Prosecutors, backed up by 13 media companies, including Twentieth Century Fox, MGM and Columbia say the former owners of the site have clearly broken copyright rules, and the original district court ruling agreed. And because the Pirate Bay site had advertising, they also made a commercial profit on the file-sharing activities, it ruled.

The four men cut their ties with the site ahead of the first trial, but the whole Pirate Bay saga might not even end tomorrow, both sides can always appeal once again to Sweden's Supreme Court. By the time it makes its ruling, technology will definitely have moved on anyway, experts say.

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