The parasite is thought to be spreading through public water systems, test results are expected Monday.

Tap water confirmed as source of illness

The parasite that has caused an outbreak of diarrhoea in the area of Östersund, six hours north of Stockholm, has now been traced to the city's water supply. But authorities are still not certain how the water got contaminated.

The result was expected and the local council has previously advised people not to drink tap water unless they boil it first and people have also been warned not to use the public pool in the area. But the situation is still not considered serious, Swedish Radio News reports.

“This is a regular stomach illness but its it not worse than the norovirus. And we can see that even in places where a lot of people work we don’t have an increased absence,” said Jari Hiltula, the local head of environmental issues.

The test results of the water were expected on Monday afternoon. Until then the public is advised to be careful but Hiltula points out that the water is still usable if you boil it first.

According to the latest estimation as many as 3,000 people could have the parasite and so far over 2,000 cases have been reported. The particular parasite causes diarrhoea that can last of weeks but it is not dangerous to a person in good physical condition.

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