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Shirley Clamp. Photo: Leif R Jansson / SCANPIX
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Eric Saade. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/SCANPIX
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Award-winning songwriter RedOne will also add "Melodifestival songwriter" to his CV next year. Photo: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

More Melodifestival songs unveiled

Swedish TV have presented the rest of the songs and singers competing in the 6-week TV marathon to pick a song to represent this country in the Eurovision Song Contest next year, and already managed to disqualify one of the participants.

Just like last week, it's a mix of old and new. Perhaps the biggest name of them all announced this week belongs to a songwriter, and not an artist. If we say RedOne, many of you will still be none the wiser, but what if we say the man behind many of Lady Gaga's huge hits, and who has also written for the Sugababes, Nicole Scherzinger, and many many more? RedOne, or Nadir Khayat, is originally from Morocco, but he moved to Sweden during his teens. The song, which still doesn't have a title yet, will be performed by the girl-group "Love Generation".

Just like in the first half of the line up presented last week, there are some familiar Melodifestival names this time round too, including Shirley Clamp. She has been in the contest four times already, coming 2nd in 2004 with the song Min Kärlek, but she came last in one of the preliminary heats two years ago. This time she's making her comeback as part of a group called "Shirley's Angels", together with dancer and choreographer Vera Prada and backing vocalist Jessica Marberger. They'll be singing the song "I thought it was forever".

A singer that made a big splash in 2010, literally, with a water shower on stage, was Eric Saade, and he's back again next year. His song "Manboy" came 3rd this year and led to his breakthrough in the Swedish charts. According to the Swedish tabloids his performance this year will include being flown across the arena, and having stunt men on stage. How much of that is true we'll have to wait and see. Probably the happiest man involved in next year's Melodifestival is songwriter Fredrik Kempe though, he has a total of four songs among the contest's 32 entries.

And we also had our first proper scandal of the year today, just three hours following the announcement of the songs and the singers, a song written by JC Chavez from the group N'SYNC was disqualified.

Former Fame Factory competitor Anders Fernette was due to sing it, with Chavez making the most of a new rule that allows foreign songwriters to take part in the Swedish Song Contest, as long as Swedish songwriters are also involved in the production. Unfortunately they didn't seem to know about one of the other sacred Melodifestival rules, all songs are supposed to be secret before the contest in February, Anders Fernette's song had been online since the summer, meaning he was quickly chucked out of the competition. However, if he can find a new song by the same songwriters that is still unpublished, he can still compete, according to Swedish TV. He has one week to find the new song.

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