This montage, which came out right before national elections, pitted the chronically ill Annica Holmquist against Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

Benefits agency backs down over disputed case

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has now reversed a previous decision and re-continued the disability benefit of the sick Swede, Annica Holmquist, after it was cut off in August, reports Swedish Radio news.

Holmquist's story made headlines right before national elections this September and led to critique of the nation's health insurance rules under the ruling Alliance government. She has a chronic illness that makes her body parts and organs grow uncontrollably, and several doctors had judged her unable to work. Nevertheless, the agency decided to kick her off sick insurance.

Now, after sending in a letter from a lawyer and a new certificate from a doctor that stated her health problem more clearly, Holmquist will once again get disability payments from the agency. According to her legal representative, she will get them indefinitely.

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