The reactor Ringhals one will be turned on during Wednesday and so will reactor three at Oscarshamn's nuclear power plant.

No need to worry about electricity prices

The price of electricity reached its highest point so far this winter on Monday and, as the cold intensifies, many are worried that the price will reach the same high levels as least year.

But experts say that the chances of this happening are small since all ten nuclear power plants in Sweden are expected to be up and running within the next few days.

During the cold months last year only about 50-60 percent of the reactors’ capacity was available due to extensive and complicated repairs but this year, Tommy Johansson at the Energy Markets Inspectorate, says that there is no reason why the reactors shouldn’t operate at full capacity.

“It happens that work done on the reactors is delayed but there is a difference this year compared to last year,” he told Swedish Radio News. “This year it is more about basic maintenance. Last year it was extensive work to increase the efficiency of the reactors.”

And despite the extreme cold the electricity prices have stayed at what is considered normal rates, just over 0.50 Swedish kronor per kilowatt hour.

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