It will take several weeks before the water is safe to drink.

Spread of parasite could be result of a crime

A prosecutor will now investigate whether a crime could be behind the spread of a parasite causing stomach problems in the area of Östersund, in the north of Sweden.

It has now been established that the parasite was spread via the public water system and so far 4,500 people have become ill. 

Christer B Jarlås, a prosecutor in Östersund suspects that some kind of crime could be behind the spread of the parasite.

“Stomach parasites that cause diseases in humans and animals should not be able to get into the public water system,” he told news agency TT. “There is reason to suspect that someone or some people, out of carelessness, might have caused the contamination.”

The police are now involved in the work to trace how the parasite go into the water system and after that there will be a separate police investigation to see where things went wrong and if someone can be held responsible.

To avoid getting sick people in Östersund will have to boil the water before they drink it. It will take several weeks maybe even months before the parasite will be completely eliminated and it is safe to drink straight from the tap again.

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