Those "dangerous" tyres. Photo: BERTIL ERICSON/SCANPIX

Time to change to winter tyres

”They were saying: Our street is very dirty, do something about it”
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For those of you planning to drive in Sweden tomorrow, check your wheels, as from the 1st of December, cars in Sweden have to have winter tyres if the road conditions can be classed as "wintery", which they definitely are at the moment. Over the last few years, a debate has been raging over the studded winter tyres. On the one hand, they give good grip on an icy road, but on the other hand they add to the pollution in the air we breathe, especially troublesome on roads in Sweden's cities.

One street that has been especially hit by the pollution caused when studded tyres rip up the road surface is Hornsgatan in central Stockholm. Local politicians have now banned cars with the studded tyres from driving along the road, to try to reduce the air pollution.

Radio Sweden's Ulla Engberg spoke to garage foremen, city planners and Sweden's National Transport Administration to find out the reasons for, and against, those controversial tyres.

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