The Swedish Riksdag. Photo: BERTIL ERICSON / SCANPIX

Lobbyist wording turns up in Riksdag motions

Swedish lawmakers have come under fire after a new report from newspaper Dagens Nyheter reveals that almost half of the country's parliamentarians have signed motions this year that contain text lifted directly from outside sources – often lobby organisations.

Tommy Möller, a political scientist at Stockholm University, says that no other Parliament in the world offers such generous initiative opportunities to lobby organizations as does the Swedish Riksdag.

The survey reviewed more than 3,000 motions and found that over 100 of them had wording that was either partially or completely taken from outside interests.

Text copied word-for-word from the Swedish church, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly and the Swedish Federation of Small Businesses, to name just a few, has shown up in the parliamentary motions.

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