christmas mail delayed

Rail traffic halted

1:59 min

On one of the major travel days of the year, the weather is causing serious problems, especially for rail passengers.

At midday Thursday came the news that all train traffic from Stockholm south has come to a halt, because of electrical problems. In addition there are delays in traffic along the west coast.

The disturbances are also slowing down the delivery of mail, just before the Christmas holiday. While the Swedish Post Office says it can divert mail to air transport or trucks, around 8 percent of post that should have been on time for Christmas will not be delivered in time.

Swedish Radio News reported early Thursday that around 40 percent of local trains in the southern province of Skåne have been cancelled, and there’s a complete stop in the line between Malmö and Simrishamn.

The Swedish National Railways SJ is referring passengers to its Twitter feed for up to date information.