Snow creates problems for property owners

Many roofs are overloaded with snow after heavy snowfall in the past few weeks but it is difficult to find enough manpower to clear them, newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports.

Every year several people are injured by icicles or snow that falls from the rooftops and when the snow falls everyone needs help straight away, says Robert Fjellström at Takjour, one of the companies that clears roofs in Stockholm.

The first snow fell in November but it was not until recently that many property owners realised that they have problems with icicles. They often call when the snow is as deep as 50 centimetres and then its too late, Fjellström says.

“The ultimate situation would be if they called us when it was just a couple of decimetres deep,” he added. “The best thing would be if the owners could work more with preventative measures, our work would be a lot easier then.”

The streets of Stockholm are filled with signs warning people not to walk on the sidewalks due to the risk of ice and snow falling from the roofs, but the alternative is instead to walk on road which could also be dangerous.

In 2002 after a 14-year-old boy was killed by a falling icicle on Drottninggatan in central Stockholm new rules were put in place to make sure that property owners would take their responsibility. And according to Per Forsling, at the Swedish Property Federation, most of the owners know that they are responsible for clearing the rooftops.