Weather situation improves slightly

The Swedish Met Office has now lifted most of the severe weather warnings across the country as the snowstorm moving north during the Christmas weekend has eased.

Meteorologists now predict that the good weather will last until New Years but some snow is expected in the north and north east of the country.

In addition it seems most Swedes listened to the warnings and the predicted traffic chaos was almost completely avoided. Snowy and icy roads lead to slower speeds on all major roads and the snow surrounding the roads also helped save many drivers who lost control of their cars.

There is still some disruption in the train traffic but Arlanda Express, taking people to and from Stockholm’s main airport, was up and running shortly after 10 on Monday after standing completely still earlier on Monday morning.

The weather improvement has provided a well needed breathing-space for those working to clear the road.

On Öland, the island off of Sweden’s eastern coast, many of the residents have been completely snowed in due to strong winds blowing snow over the roads in a matter of hours after they had been ploughed.

The video above is filmed on the Dec 23 and shows a stretch of the road between Borgholm, the main city on the island, and Löttorp on the north of the island.