New Year celebrations

Tighter rules for fireworks safety

This New Year could be the last when the public is allowed to use fireworks placed on a stick, Swedish News reports. According to the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, whose job it is to make society more prepared to deal with and prevent emergencies and crises, it is the EU that is pushing for tighter safety rules when it comes to fireworks.

Within the next two years, those who want to set off some fireworks in public in front of "a larger group" will not only need police permission, but also a special safety training for dealing with fireworks, Agneta Jansson at the agency tells Swedish Radio News. Jansson says that the rocket placed on a stick is likely to disappear, not so much due to the pyrotechnic side of it, as due to the stick itself, that could be dangerous.

Every New Year some one hundred people in Sweden are injured by rockets from fireworks. From the first of July 2010 only so called CE-certified firework items are allowed out onto the market. There are only eight authorised test-labs in Europe that are able to grant a fire work rocket the CE-certificate, and none of the labs are in Scandinavia. According to Agneta Jansson, the tighter rules could lead to a smaller supply of fireworks on the market, since the process surrounding the CE-certificate makes makes it more expensive to produce the fireworks.