Carl Bildt and Tobias Billström during their 2007 visit to Iraq

Iraqi refugees limited because of honor violence?

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According to Wikileaks documents reported on by the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, two high profile Swedish government ministers tried to limit the number of refugees from Iraq here.

Letters from the American embassy in Baghdad say that Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and Migration Minister Tobias Billström, both members of the conservative Moderate Party, held secret talks with US diplomats in the Iraqi capital in 2007. The newspaper says that according to the leaks the Swedish Ministers wanted to set up a return agreement for rejected Iraqi asylum seekers in exchange for setting up a Swedish embassy in Baghdad. Another reason the Swedes cited for restricting immigration was several cases on honor-related violence in Sweden.

 The foreign policy spokesperson for the opposition Green Party, Bodil Ceballos, told Radio Sweden that she was not surprised by the revelations.

"I'm not surprised that they have been talking in these terms but I am surprised that they have been talking like this to diplomats from another country."

The Green MP went on to say that the reported return agreement was in breach of the right to asylum.

"I think it is a way of breaking the way of asylum to mix internal problems with the right of asylum. These people are in need of protection. Immigration authorities should judge asylum applications on each person's need for protection rather than on a policy. "

Bodil Ceballos says she plans to file a complaint against Bildt and Billström with parliament’s Committee on the Constitution.

Swedes sharing base with "death squad"?

After another Wikileaks revelation, a member of parliament from the opposition Left Party is asking Defence Minister Sten Tolgfors if the Swedish military in Afghanistan is sharing a base with a so-called American “death squad”.

Several foreign newspapers, including The New York Times and the Guardian, carried reports last year on a covert unit called Task Force 373, run directly by the Pentagon, and assigned to capturing or eliminating senior Taliban.

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