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Almost five thousand "locked out" of benefit system

Almost five thousand Swedes are on the edge of losing the right to invalidity benefit, according to Swedish Radio News. The centre-right government reformed the rules for the benefit several years ago, putting a time limit on how long people can claim the sick pay before being told to go back to work.

However some claimants are too sick to work according to their doctors, but not ill enough to qualify for early retirement according to the Department for Social Security, meaning they are stuck in a limbo with no right to government support, especially if they own their own property. Then the only way to qualify for basic welfare benefits is to sell up first and live off the proceeds of the property sale first.

New Social Security Minister Ulf Kristersson told Swedish Radio News Saturday that they are now looking at the current rules to see if they can be changed to help the almost five thousand Swedes locked out of the benefit system.

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