One of Thomas Moberg's photos at the Museum of Ethnography
photos from sudan

Creating "a state out of an army"

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The exhibition “Sudan, Bright Eyes” features photographs taken over four decades by writer and traveller Thomas Moberg. They go back to his first visit to the country in 1969, when after a military coup he had to flee in a boat across the Red Sea, with more visits in the 70’s, 80’s, and most recently last year. Many of the 60 photos portray life along the Red Sea coast, and texts from Moberg’s 40 books complement the pictures.

At the exhibition Thomas Moberg describes how the Swedish picture of Sudan has changed radically because of the tragedy in Darfur, and how he wanted to portray the complexity of the country and its culture.

So what about the south? The complications surrounding its pending independence, he says, extend into all of Sudan.

The exhibition of Thomas Moberg’s pictures from Sudan was inaugurated by no less than Anders Wejryd, the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden, who described how the church has been working in the south of Sudan. And with the south facing many problems as it stands on the verge of independence after the long civil war, other speakers included Ambassador Michael Sahlin, the Swedish government’s special envoy to Sudan, who told us about the challenges facing an independent southern Sudan.

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