Swedes no longer smoking by 2028?

American analysts predict that Swedes will no longer be smoking in 17 years.

The newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports on a new study by the financial services company Citigroup. Their analysts believe a major downturn is coming for the currently very profitable tobacco industry in Europe and North America. The reason is said to be increased awareness of health issues and more aggressive national policies to curtail smoking.

The study predicts that tobacco can be gone in Sweden by the year 2028. That’s three years after neighboring Denmark, but before other European countries. Smoking in Britain is forecast to end by 2055, in France by 2118, and in Greece by 2231.

But Åsa Lundquist of the National Institute of Public Health tells Dagens Nyheter that while the trend is downward, she doubts whether Sweden will ever be completely tobacco free.

She says some groups, such as those with less education and the disabled, continue to be heavy smokers.

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