Women far safer drivers than men

If all men would drive like women we would have far fewer accidents"
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The ability to drive a car has always been right up their in conversation in the battle of the sexes. "Women drivers" and their abilities behind the wheel have often been the subject of ridicule amongst men.

However new statistics covering Swedish roads during a 9 year period seem to drive any male/female gender stereotypes off the highway.

The figures collated between 2000 and 2009 by the insurance company IF suggest that of the 464 road accidents involving cars insured by the company, in 77 percent of the accidents, the driver was male.

Incidentally, 61 percent of cars in Sweden are registered to male drivers.

So why do men have three times the number of accidents than women? Radio Sweden spoke to road safety strategist Åsa Ersson at the Swedish Transport Administration who said that the statistics were of no surprise.

"It's a known fact and has been for some time that many more men are involved in road accidents; about 75 percent of men and 25 percent of women are killed on the roads in Sweden every year," she said.

"Of course men drive more, they spend more time behind the wheel, but you also see from the police statistics that they speed more, they drink more alcohol and overall they take much more risks. If all men would drive like women we would have far fewer accidents."

The number of fatal road accidents on Sweden's roads has reduced by 50 percent in the last ten years and the main reason has been a large scale building programme, especially in the north, where single lane roads have been given added overtaking lanes. Cars are also a lot safer.

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