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Sharks and exotic fish more common in Öresund

There are plenty of exotic fish in the Öresund strait at the moment, including small sharks, the news agency TT reports.

The ones currently in the waters between Sweden and Denmark are just visiting, according to Klas Malmberg, who is a marine biologist and shark expert at Universeum Science Discovery Center in Gothenburg, but he believes we will see more of them in the future.

It is however too early to say whether the visitors will decide to stay here more permanently, says Malmberg.

It is the relatively warm water at the bottom of the sea in the Öresund-area, that has brought the exotic fish here. Tope, spiny dogfish and other kinds of dogfish are among the smaller sharks that have been spotted in Öresund. None of them are expected to end up in the brackish water of the Baltic Sea, but could swim further north along the Swedish west coast.

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