Maud Olofsson. Photo: Niklas Larsson/Scanpix
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EU-president accused of ignoring ministers

The minister of Energy and Enterprise, Maud Olofsson, accuses the Eu-president Herman van Rompuy of breaking EU rules, when he "raises issue after issue" with the EU prime ministers, before the relevant ministers of the EU countries have had the chance to prepare the issue.

Olofsson's criticism comes ahead of an extra meeting in Brussels on Friday, where van Rompuy will meet with the heads of EU governments to discuss the union's future energy policies. Sensitive issues are on the agenda, such as closer cooperation between the countries electricity networks and whether the EU budget should pay more towards solving future energy problems.

But it is wrong for the prime ministers to discuss this before their energy minister have had a chance to do so, Olofsson tells Swedish Radio News. "There is a risk that either they will make decisions so general that it becomes irrelevant, or that it becomes very detailed and that it ends up in a discussion where they negotiate results that means one or two prime ministers can go home and say 'look what I got through'," she says.

His modus operandi is against the Lisbon Treaty, claims Maud Olofsson. "If we look at the Lisbon Treaty, the idea of a permanent president, who would hold overarching presidency, so that there would be a good flow. The idea was not that the prime ministers should dive deep into agriculture policies, or energy policies or research policies and discuss the details," says the Swedish Minister of Energy and Enterprise.

Asked by Swedish Radio News why she thinks it has turned out like this, she does not hold back. "Well, if I am to make the mean interpretation, i think that when you end up in van Rompuys position, you will want to secure power and positions," she says.

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