There is no longer a lack of organic milk in our shops. Photo: Pontus Lundahl

Many dairy farmers want to switch to organic

Swedes drink more and more organic milk, and the consumption of organic dairy products was again record high last year. Farmers are also interested in organic farming, even more than the  dairy companies are prepared to pay for, Swedish Radio News reports.

Last year, consumers bought 14 % more organic dairy products than the year before, and organic milk now makes up 9% of all milk sold in this country. But the interest among farmers is even bigger. At the moment, a dairy farmer producing organic milk will get 40% more than other dairy farmers. Linda Nilsson, dairy farmer in Jönköping says she thinks that there is a good reason for the higher price. "The cost of feedstuff is higher, more land is needed and the crop is not as big," she explains to Swedish Radio news.

A few years ago, not enough organic milk was produced, so the dairy companies decided to put up the price for organic milk. Now there is more organic milk than consumer's are prepared to pay for. There are currently some 50 dairy farmers in line at country's biggest dairy company Arla, hoping to switch to organic, but so far, they have been told no.

"There has never been that many before," says Gun Olsson, who heads the department for organic milk at Arla. She tells swedish Radio News that the interest derives from all the attention given to organic food over the past two three years, but also the economic carrot given to those who produce organic milk.

The amount of organic milk currently produced means that even ordinary milk cartons may contain organic milk. "Not one hundred per cent organic, but you may well get some organic into you," says Gun Olsson.

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