Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was murdered in 2003. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/Scanpix

Hospital "did all it could" to save Lindh

Stockholm's Karolinska Hospital did everything by the book when treating Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh for her fatal stab wounds in 2003 according to a new independent study.

The study was commissioned by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, following media speculation that the hospital hadn't done all it could to save Lindh's life. Independent experts from Norway, Finland and Denmark studied the medical journals and interviewed medical staff involved in Lindh's treatment and found that Karolinska followed standard procedures, called in expert advice, rotated specialist surgeons, and used the latest treatments available at the time to treat Lindh, but to no avail.

Anna Lindh died due to intestinal bleedings following the stabbing in a Stockholm department store just ahead of the Euro referendum in September 2003. The man convicted of stabbing her is currently serving a life prison sentence for her death.

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