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Gyms to drug test members?

"Doping is not only within sport"
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Can Sweden do more to fight doping and the use of steroids among athletes and keep fit enthusiasts? Is testing gym visitors the way to go? Well, that may soon be the case as a new study commissioned by the Swedish government thinks that gyms should now have the right to test their members. And if the members refuse they could be thrown out, or worse.

Tomas Johansson, the chief secretary and one of the experts on the committee says that doping is not a problem solely for professional sports.

"Back in the late nineties the use of these prohibited substances like anabolic steroids was banned in Swedish legislation, so we have quite a firm legislation on doping, both outside of sports and in sports" he told Radio Sweden.

The government study suggests removing responsibility for drug testing from the Swedish Sports Confederation, and forming a new company, Anti-Doping Sweden to take care both of preventative measures and drugs tests.

The company would then test the professional athletes, but also be able to sign contracts with private gyms, providing training for gym staff and information on the dangers of steroids. The study also proposes allowing the company to test gym members, if they sign a contract with the gym owners, and if they have agreed to this when signing a membership form.

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