Trying to inject a bit more colour into Swedish pop, Le Kid. Photo: Leif R Jansson/Scanpix

"Le Kid is like your very first kiss"

"Too much is never enough"
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It may only seem like a few weeks since the last marathon Swedish Song Contest ended, but in fact a whole year has passed, and on Saturday the whole circus starts again with 32 acts fighting it out to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in May. One of those bands is Le Kid, they scored their first hit last year with "Mercy mercy", and have become the darlings of many an internet pop blogg, including the prestigious UK music site Popjustice.

Although the three producers in the five-piece band have been involved in the Swedish Song Contest in the past, this is the first time for Le Kid.

"When you see Le Kid you can think about the first kiss you got when you were younger", singer Johanna Berglund tells Radio Sweden. "And when you got it, it was kinda wet, and kinda weird, and when you came home you were 'Eh, what was that? Was it good? Do I want to do it again? Is it supposed to feel like this?'. Then you sleep on it, and then you wake up the day after and it's like, 'Oh it was great! I wanna do it again, and again and again!' And that's what Le Kid is about."

The band is promising an action-packed performance in Luleå on Saturday. "It's true! We say that too much is never enough", says the band's other vocalist Helena Lillberg, but are they scared that they might end up last, not the best situation for a band at the start of their career?

"We're not a band that was created for Melodifestivalen," they say, "Sometimes that's the case for a lot of artists. So we'll be like, 'OK, let's have one drink more that night', and then just get to work the next day. We have a lot of other things to do, you know, we're a busy band", they laugh.

Le Kid's entry for the Melodifestival is called "Oh my God", or "Oh my Gawd", as they insist it should be pronounced, and their debut album should be out later in the Spring.

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