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Input from workers linked to better business

Researcher: ”Not just a one-way street.”
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New research says that employees are an under-appreciated resource - that in fact they could play a part in something that is often seen as the preserve of the managers: leadership in a workplace.

Johan Bertlett is a psychology researcher at Lund University. He says that leadership in a workplace should not be seen as a "one way street."

He studied people working together in different situations and says that outcomes were best when both management and workers had a good understanding of each other, and of each others' capabilities.

"We know where to cover for each other, when to take a step back, how to communicate."

Scandinavia is a place that is already known for harmonious industrial relations. "The power distance between management and workers is less here than in other places."'

Good workplace relations and a healthy work environment all have an impact on productivity, and Bertlett is hopeful that there will be interest from businesses who hope to take advantage of his new insights.

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