Wolves might be imported from Russia

Swedish Radio News reports that the government is investigating whether the gene pool of this country’s endangered wolf population could be strengthened by introducing wolves from Russia.

This comes after the controversial government-licensed hunt allowing the culling of 10 percent of the wild wolves in Sweden. The hunt has been the target of protests by environment groups and legal action by the European Commission for permitting the killing of an endangered species.

Previously the government proposed introducing wolf pups from Swedish zoos into the wild, in order to enrich the gene pool, but that plan was rejected by the animal parks.

Helena Kättström of the Swedish Board of Agriculture tells Swedish Radio News: “If we can solve the problems of possible infections, and they meet our requirements, this is a good thing, because these are wolves with a lot of genetic variation.”

It’s unclear what the farmers, herders, and hunters who encouraged the wolf hunt would think of having more of the predators introduced into the country.

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