Sweden Democrats investigate racist comment

Last week a local Sweden Democrats politician was forced to leave the party for sending a racist e-mail. And now another local councillor is under investigation by the party – for a racist blog.   

Thomas Karlsen - leader of the anti-immigrant party in Trollhättan council, in western Sweden –wrote that the Roma minority are “like a consuming swarm of grasshoppers flooding Europe”.

The Sweden Democrats’ press spokesman, Martin Kinnunen, attempted to distance the party from the blog.

“That sentence is completely distasteful. It de-humanizes an entire ethnic group who are portrayed as pests,” he told Swedish Radio News.

But when asked if the statement was racist, Kinnunen took some time to respond before saying “yes, you could say that”.

Karlsen has defended the blog – which he says was a quote from a Swedish website called “Politically Incorrect”. He says he never intended to accuse an entire ethnic group but that there are people who damage the credibility of those who want to integrate into society.

This is not the first time the controversial politician has come under fire for publishing racist remarks – he wrote an earlier blog claiming that certain immigrants have an aggressive gene.

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