Major gap in driving test pass rates

"Less likely to finish their lessons"
3:18 min

Figures released by the Swedish transport agency show that there is a large difference in the pass and fail rate for the national driving test in different parts of Sweden.

Skellefteå, in the far north, has a pass rate of well over 70 per cent, while Farsta in Stockholm is below 40 per cent.

While a few eager would-be-drivers may be tempted to travel to a place with an 'easier' pass rate, Radio Sweden heard that it is more about the difference in attitudes between the people who live in the countryside, as opposed to the cities.

"In smaller cities people are more willing to take lessons and finsish the course before the test, while in the cities people are more likely to drop out of the course and to try to take the test early," says Michael Axelsson, the vice-chair of the Swedish National Association of Driving Schools.

But what about a difference between two similarly sized small towns: Uppsala just north of Stockholm which has a pass rate of just 40 per cent, and Västerås over to the west of the capital city, which is on well over 60 per cent.

"Uppsala is a university city, where people are used to studying, so there are a lot mroe people not using the driving schools. Västerås is an industrial city, with a lot more people using the driving schools."

And regarding people travelling round to seek an easier driving test? Michael Axelsson says that most people simply don't bother.

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