The district court found the two guilty

Terror-accused released by court of appeal

Two Somali-Swedes convicted of planning terrorist attacks in Somalia by a district court in Gothenburg have been released awaiting sentence in the court of appeal, news agency TT reports.

The fact that they have been set free does not necessarily mean that they are acquitted from the accusations. One of the men's lawyers, Richard Backenroth, tells TT that it is however likely that they are acquitted, or that the sentence will be shortened. His client has already been in prison for nine months.

The decision to release the men was met by shouts of joy in the spectators stand, TT reports. "Thank God," said several of them, with tears streaming down their cheeks. "I am so happy. I have never hesitated about his innocence," said the mother to one of the accused.

The men were accused of travelling to Somalia and training with the Islamist group al-Shabab to be suicide bombers. The district court had sentenced them to four years each in prison, but the court was divided on the verdict.

The court of appeal will announce its verdict on the 2nd of March. It's the first case of its kind in Sweden and has attracted a lot of attention.

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