Egypt's military is taking down the makeshift tents of protesters who camped out on Tahrir Square in an effort to allow traffic and normal life to return to central Cairo Photo: Emilio Morenatti/Scanpix
Gunilla Carlsson wants talks with other EU states

Government parties want to increase support to Egypt

Sweden's Minister for International Development Assistance, Gunilla Carlsson, says she wants to co-operate with other EU states in working out a financial package to aid the democracy movement in Egypt.

The Minister told Swedish public service radio's Ekot that "We will listen to what the Egyptians need now." 

Sweden this year increased its Democracy and Freedom support fund from 100 million kronor ( 15.4 million US dollars) to 150 million (23 million dollars.)

Three out of four of the ruling Alliance parties in Sweden want to increase financial support to the democracy movement in Egypt.

Desirée Pethrus, who is leader for the Christian Democrats on the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs told the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper on Sunday that she wants more money to be put aside for Egypt in the spring budget. Her counterparts in the Liberal and Centre Parties are also open to increasing the amount of money to Egypt.

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