New terrorist attack threat

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reports that following December’s failed suicide bombing in Stockholm, al-Qaida is threatening new terror attacks here.

The newspaper bases its report on a website called Inspire, said to have close links to al-Qaida. A post there reads: “It is about time the Swedish government reconsidered its position towards Islam and Moslems, before the mujahedin attack again.”

The motivation behind the threat is retaliation for a Swedish artist’s cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as a dog.

Malena Rembe of the intelligence unit at the Swedish police tells the newspaper they are following the situation closely, and that the post can provide “an impulse for individuals who have already crossed the line between words and action”.

Attack on Isaf Swedes

Swedish forces in Afghanistan came under fire Wednesday and Thursday, during an operation with Afghan forces.

Expulsion protests

Protests were held around Sweden Wednesday against the continued expatriation of rejected asylum seekers to Iraq.

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