A demonstration outside the Libyan embassy in Stockholm last week. Photo: Bertil Ericson/Scanpix
Three non diplomatic workers resign in protest

Libyan Embassy staff in Stockholm resign

"42 years of dictatorship is enough..."
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Three employees at the Libyan embassy in Stockholm have resigned in protest at what they say is the "genocide" currently taking place in Tripoli.

All three, Sayed Jalabi and Hamid Kassem, both of Syrian origin, and Abdelali Mahfouf of Morocco, signed the open letter to the TT news agency.

"We, the undersigned personnel at the Libyan embassy in Stockholm, condemn the genocide that is taking place against civilians in Libya."

They said that the on going violence in the country is hitting people who have made "legitimate demands ... for a dignified life without the despot Kadhafi's continued misrule and corruption," they wrote.

In a later interview with Swedish Radio, Sayed Jalabi, an interpreter, said that he didn't want to remain passive when he saw people rising against a bloody tyrant.

Earlier outside the embassy in Stockholm, around fifty people demonstrated against the regime in Tripoli. "We are standing here to support our people, to show that we are here with you. We say to that man that we are not with that man any longer," one protestor told Radio Sweden.

On Monday night military airplanes were seen swooping low over the city of Tripoli. At least 233 people have been killed so far, according to New York-based Human Rights Watch.

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