Bildt meets with Egyptian bloggers

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt met with bloggers, youth, and Internet activists in Cairo, on Tuesday as part of a trip to grasp the political situation there and to ascertain how Sweden can contribute to Egypt's democratization process.

Bildt told news agency TT that the Internet has been a significant tool in mobilizing the demonstrations that led to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's resignation less than two weeks ago. Bildt also said that a number of people have been invited to Sweden as part of a UN initiative for Internet freedom.

One of those attending Bildt's meeting with Egyptian youth told TT that the discussion also had to do with how Sweden can contribute to development and reforms in Egypt, such as "opportunities for Sweden to start projects in Egypt to help with the economic community".

According to TT's source, Bildt also discussed the situation in Libya, saying that the UN will try to apply pressure, but that there could be some hindrance. 

The source told TT that Bildt "worried that certain UN countries would be able to use their veto power to stop measures against Libya."