Schools fail to provide safety for some children

Many public and private schools fail to proved adequate education and support for children who live with protected identities, according to a new report by the Swedish National Agency for Education.

Thousands of children and teenagers live with protected identities in Sweden and many of them have experienced problems in the educational system. Their identities have been revealed by ignorance and lack of routines and few schools can guarantee their safety.

“It is important to have discussed routines in advance so that the child knows what to do if someone approaches them,” Elin Brunell, from the agency told Swedish Radio News.

“Who should they contact and is there anywhere they can lock themselves in until help arrives. The staff needs to know exactly what to do in these situations.”

Another common problem for many of these children is that they get lower grades or grades that can’t be used in the future.

The most urgent change needed, according to the agency, is that the schools develop a plan to ensure the children’s safety.

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