Stig Malm is an influential figure in the Social Democrats. Photo: Fredrik Persson / SCANPIX

Criticism grows against Social Democrats leadership hunt

The ongoing process to pick a new leader for the Social Democrats has come in for even more internal criticism Tuesday, as several high-profile figures within the party have criticised the way the process is being dealt with.

Local districts are accused of horse-trading with the leadership nomination committee, and thinking of themselves rather than the party's best, and blocking each other's preferred candidates to increase their own influence in the party..

Stig Malm, former head of the Trades Union Congress, LO, says he is shocked at the way the choice of new leader is being made.

"We come across as being extremely old-fashioned", he told news agency TT. "I've been around for about 100 years, and I've never seen anything like this. It's terrible, we're in the 21st century and we are using methods that are 100 years old, and are blocking each other to get a candidate."

He is backed up by editor of the youth wing SSU's magazine, Daniel Suhonen. Suhonen, who will be at the extra party conference that will rubber-stamp the candidate approved by the nominating committee, says he would much rather have an open election for the leadership.

"The problem is that we could get anyone now. It could be someone that is secret up until the conference, and we won't know what they want to do until they hold their speech to the conference. That isn't good", he told TT.

MP Kent Härstedt will also be voting at the conference, he writes on his Facebook page: "What will the conference be voting on? I'm very sceptical to the process that is now underway to find a new leader. The Social Democrats have to start a process of renewal that also has to include the party's election process and the party's internal culture."

The leadership nomination committee now has just over two weeks to find a new leader for the party.

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