Organised crime

Mafia leaders move to Sweden

Criminal networks, with roots in Eastern Europe and Russia, are gaining influence in Sweden according to a new report. At least two so called mafia leaders have moved to Sweden recently and more are visiting regularly.

“We have been visited by these types of leaders before but they have never chosen to move here permanently,” Walter Kegö, one of the authors behind the report and an expert on mafia in Sweden, told news agency TT.

“These are not just regular gang leaders but hardened criminals with a strong position in the world of criminals.”

While these types of networks have been rare in Sweden compared to other European countries this now looks likely to change.

According to Kegö they are particularly interested in the Swedish welfare system and the money that they can get from it.

“They are very good at taking advantage of the naïveté we have in Sweden. They use the systems and make sure they get access to resources.”

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