More men take up parental leave

"It's a combination of factors"
3:53 min

The amount of time or lack of time that fathers take off for parental leave is a topic which comes up on a pretty regular basis here in Sweden.

The country has of course some of the most generous parental leave benefits in the world, and it's an on-going battle to get men to take up their statutory two months parental allowance.

Today figures from the white collar union TCO show that despite an increasing number of fathers taking a lengthy time off to look after their children, it will still be another 31 years before the gap closes to a fifty/ fifty split between men and women.

Radio Sweden spoke to father of two, Zanyar Adami , a documentary film maker who is also part of the pressure group "Of course I am going to be home."

"Three years ago it was 221 years and last year it was 51 so it's getting better quickly but at the same time next year it could decrease but it's positive of course," Adami said.

"We have the most generous parental leave system in the world but still not enough fathers take advantage. For the men it's a combination of factors; the heritage from your own father, not really having a role model, secondly the employer, the attitude to father's leave is still very traditional, and also for lots of women this is the only privilege they have in society and then there's also the system itself which is still gender biased," Zanyar Adami said.

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