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rape insurance

Greek rape case sparks debate in Sweden

The woman visited the Greek island Samos in 2008. She was there assaulted and raped but the Greek prosecutor decided to drop the case against the alleged rapist and instead charge the female victim with defamation. Photo: Scanpix

The case of a Swedish girl who was beaten and raped in Greece in 2008 has sparked a debate here in Sweden after the prosecutor, at the island of Samos, decided to drop all charges against the alleged rapist, and instead charge the woman with defamation.

According to the prosecutor the woman was looking for an “erotic adventure” and only reported the man because she was afraid that her friends or family would find out.

Also, the prosecutor adds, it cannot be ruled out that the woman, called Anna in the news media, had a special insurance policy against rape, and that she reported the man only to claim compensation.

A part of the preliminary investigation and the written decision, explaining why the charges were dropped, has been published by a Swedish newspaper. And the case has received a lot of attention.

In an opinion piece published by Svenska Dagbladet the woman’s legal councel, Gunilla von Wachenfeldt and Sven-Erik Alhem the chairman of Sweden’s victim support organisation BOJ, accused the Greek legal system of having an outdated attitude towards women.

They slam the judiciary of basing their decision on loose rumours when the prosecutor suggests that Scandinavian women are likely to report rape only to claim back on insurance.

“Just the thought that it is representative of the judiciary in Greece sends shivers down the spine.”

In July 2010 a Greek newspaper published a story with the headline “Rape as an industry to claim compensation.” The newspaper quotes a forensic expert on Crete, who explains that Scandinavian women often report Greek men for rape only for insurance purposes.

The article attracted the attention of the Scandinavian embassies and the forensic expert later to apologise to the honorary consul on Crete. He then admitted that his statements were based on a common public conception of Scandinavian women.

But at one of Sweden's main insurance companies, If, they have never heard of a special “rape insurance.” A regular home insurance usually includes protection against assault and violent crime but according to Daniel Claesson, spokesman at If, the company only receives about two such claims per year for rape.

Justice Minister ask for case to be reviewed

Greece’s minister of justice has demanded that the Supreme Court open the case of a Swedish woman who was raped in 2008.

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