EU Court: internet suppliers are not responsible

Broadband and internet providers should not be forced to filter customers’ internet traffic in order to stop illegal file sharing, according to a ruling by the European Court.

The court has looked over the case of Belgian copy right organisation Sabam which demanded a national broadband supplier to stop illegal file sharing through filtering or blocking traffic. A Belgian court ruled in favour of Sabam but the case was appeals to the European Court.

And within the broadband industry the courts decision was a relief.

“Broadband suppliers in Sweden, or anywhere else in the world, don’t want to have the responsibility of what their customers send each other online,” said Patrik Hiselius, a laywer for Swedish telecom company Telia Sonera.

Had the court ruled differently that could have had serious consequences, Hiselius told news agency TT.

“Of course there are a number of other, more or less legitimate, interests of getting things blocked. That for example wants to block falun gong, or other opinions and political parties.”

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