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Cheating charities

Swedish Red Cross executive gets jail sentence

The Swedish Court of Appeals handed down a five year prison sentence Monday to Johan af Donner, the former head of communications at Swedish Red Cross.

This time around he was found guilt of bribery, a crime he was acquitted of in an earlier Stockholm District Court Case in 2010.

Donner was fired from his job in 2009 after it became clear he had cheated the non-profit organization out of a large sum of money. Further investigation showed that he had also swindled money from the Swedish Cancer Society.

In the 2010 court case, he was sentenced to five years in prison for, among other charges, gross fraud, for having swindled US $ 1.2 million during a nine-year period. According to him, the money was used to finance his family's luxurious lifestyle.

Chief prosecutor Alf Johansson is happy with the judgement. "It is a balanced decision and the penalty of five years of jail time is appropriate considering this type of crime," he told the Swedish news agency, TT.

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