Anja Pärson to focus on downhill and super G Photo:Kerstin Joensson/Scanpix

Anja Pärson sets sights on speed

"I'm excited about next year"
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Sweden's slalom skiing star Anja Pärson will not be disappearing anytime soon from the slopes. She will just be moving faster.

Pärson told Swedish Radio's Sports Department Sunday that she is going to continue to compete in the slalom, but she says she wants to focus more on the Super G and downhill events.

"I feel like I like to ski too much and I want to give myself a chance to really focus my energy into downhill and super G and see if I can do it and win," she told Swedish Radio's Sports Department.

The veteran skier made the announcement during the last event of the season in the popular Swedish skiing resort of Sälen.

Pärson has competed in 358 World Cup events. And she's been on the medals' podium 95 times. But after this season's shaky slalom effort, she says she's giving up the discipline. 

"I feel excited about next season that I'm not doing slalom or for the most part giant slalom," she says. "I'll be going back to the two other disciplines which I haven't done for 7 or 8 years, so it's going to be excited to see what I can do."

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