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TV celebrity off the air after drug test

Taking a "time out"
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One of Sweden's best known children's TV presenters is accused by Stockholm prosecutors of taking cocaine. Ola Lindholm presents SVT's Wild Kids, a programme watched by almost half a million viewers last year.

Ola Lindholm is not only a celebrity from TV, but was also the chief editor for Sweden's main and long-respected children's magazine - Kamerat Posten (KP). And he sits on the board of BRIS, the charity for children's rights in society; they campaign and also offer children advice and a telephone hotline.

The crime that Mr Lindholm is suspected of is defined as a 'minor drug offence'.

Earlier this year, in April, at a football match in north Stockholm (Råsunda stadium) the police took a urine sample from Mr Lindholm and then found the chemical benzoylecgonine. This is what the police use to trace cocaine use, since it is produced in the body when cocaine is broken down by the liver, and stays longer than cocaine itself.

The Swedish media do not usually give out the names of people suspected of crimes, but the tabloid Expressen has chosen to name Mr Lindholm. And now even Swedish Television, which employs him, and Swedish Radio News, have chosen to use the children's presenter's name in news reporting.

Mr Lindholm says on his blog that he is now taking a 'time out' from his job as chief editor of Kamrat Posten, KP. And also he says that SVT have asked him to take a 'pause' from his job as presenter of Wild Kids. As regards his work with the children's charity BRIS, there is an election for the board later this year, and he wasn't expected to stand for re-election anyway.

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