Anger over SL price rise

1:14 min

The price of a monthly travel card in Stockholm is set to increase by 100 kronor (USD 15) and from 1 September will cost 790 kronor (USD 124). Stockholm's County Council announced this measure as part of the budget proposal for 2012.

In a desire to avoid a budget deficit or raising taxes, the centre-right coalition has decided to generate more revenue through local transport. Torbjörn Rosdahl, a member of the Moderate Party and Stockholm's County Council, told the newspaper Stockholm City that extensive renovation and expansion also needs to be undertaken on the capital's transport system. He compared the increase in cost of a monthly travel card to that of 3 packets of crisps.

Talking with members of the public at Stockholm's transport hub, Central Station, Radio Sweden heard the public's clear dissatisfaction with the planned increase. The consensus amongst those interviewed was that any increase in price would be unjustified and that transport cards are already expensive enough.