Building an Afro-Swedish identity

4:35 min

Organisers of a demonstration against racism say that this is the first ever time that Afro-Swedes have joined together in this way.

This demonstration, of about 100 people, was called in response to events at Lund University, where students staged a mock 'slave auction'; when one student complained he was racially abused.

But speaking to Radio Sweden demonstration organiser Diana Pohl says that the fact that Afro-Swedes are uniting is the most important fact.

"As an Ethiopian I might have thought before that I don't have anything in common with someone from, say, Gambia." She adds that Africans should recognise that they are all affected by racism. "some Ethiopians thing they are better than, for example, Congolese - this is from the colonial times."

She says that there is a denial in Sweden of how this country was involved with the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and that nowadays there is a denial of the reality of racism in Sweden.

"People in Sweden aren't tolerant - they're no more tolerant than people in the rest of Europe. In fact in the rest of Europe people are more honest, they say it to your face."