Eurovision Song Contest

Saade Euro-popular

6:11 min

After a nerve-wracking final ten minutes, Sweden qualified last night to Saturday's final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Sweden was the final country to be revealed, meaning the Swedish fans in the Düsseldorf Arena in Germany, as well as the millions watching on their TVs at home, and of course the artist himself were on tenterhooks right up to the wire. Eric Saade will now get to sing his song "Popular" in front of an audience of over 34 000 in the hall, and over 120 million around the continent.

Eric himself says that he has now reached his main aim, getting to the final, and is not really worried about the final result on Saturday. Sweden is a country that should be in the final every year, he says, because of its rich music industry.

Head of the Swedish Delegation, and mastermind of the Swedish selection process, Christer Björkman, was also relieved at the result. He told Radio Sweden that all the drama at the end of the show, as Sweden was the last country to be picked, was payback for him as he does exactly the same thing to artists in the Swedish shows.

Sweden will now compete against songs from 24 other countries on Saturday, and are hopeful for a top ten finish, which would be the best result for the country since 2006.