Stockholm: future set of a Woody Allen film?

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American filmmaker Woody Allen could be open to making a film in Stockholm, according to comments he made during a recent press conference at the Cannes International Film Festival, currently taking place on the French Riviera.

Through a career spanning nearly 50 years, Allen has written and directed dozens of comedies, many set in his native New York. But recently, the director has looked to Europe for inspiration, filming in Barcelona, London and most lately, Paris.

"Stockholm is a city that we've been talking quite seriously about making a movie in, and that could happen," Allen said.

Allen told Lisa Bergström from Swedish Radio Culture news that he has been to Stockholm, which he called a "beautiful city", several times and would be happy living there for the three months it would take to film a movie.

"At the moment, I don't have an idea for Stockholm, but that's never stopped me," he added with a laugh.