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Stone-thrower targets xenophobic party MP

Sweden Democrat MP, William Petzäll, was targeted by stone-throwing on a Friday visit to a Gothenburg high school, Hvitfeldtska.

As he got in his car to leave the high school, someone threw a stone that broke the window and reportedly hit his face. However, he did not have to go to the hospital.

Petzäll belongs to the anti-immigrant party, which was voted into Parliament for the first time this fall. His visit to the high school was part of the party's campaign ahead of Sunday's election in the West-Coast region of Västra Götaland. Serious mistakes in last years elections means that voters there, along with those who belong to one constituency in the town of Örebro, are going to the polls again on Sunday to re-do the vote.

At the moment, Västra Götaland is ruled by a center-left coalition, supported by the small independent Sjukvårdspartiet manning the county council, which is the body that decides on health care in this country. But these parties have no outright majority and are dependent on support from the Sweden Democrats.