Remembering writer Birgitta Trotzig

13 min

Birgitta Trotzig, the Swedish author and academic, has died after a long illness.

The 81-year-old, who wrote over 20 novels, passed away on Saturday evening. Trotzig has been likened to Selma Lagerlöf and one of the best authors that Sweden has produced.

Trotzig grew up in Gothenburg and Kristianstad in southern Sweden and made her debut with the 1951 novel "From the lovers' lives." Other notable works include the 1957 "The exposed" and the 1961 "A tale from the coast."

She converted to Catholicism in the 1950s and her work has been described as "religiously existential."

Per Wästberg, author, member of the Swedish Academy and chairman of the Nobel Committee for Literature, likens Trotzig to a kind of Swedish Samuel Beckett. But, he reminisces, "She wasn't at all the person you think of when you read her extemely dark books."