Royal scandal

King's friends try to buy silence

Following the explosive revelations in a recent book claiming that the Swedish King visited a questionable Stockholm night club as a young man, Swedish Radio News has published new details involving bribery and gangsters.

It is alleged that several of the King's closest friends attempted to buy the silence and retraction of comments made by the porn nightclub owner that the king visited the club. The friends are also said to have tried to secure photo evidence in the possession of the notorious club owner.

Swedish Radio News has published recordings of meetings held between one of the King's closest friends and a middle man with access to the porn club owner, Mille Markovic, who made comments in the book 'The Reluctant Monarch' about the king's visits to his nightclub back in the 1970s and who claims to have photo evidence of them.

These recordings were made secretly made by the middle man Daniel Webb, who is turn represents a notorious gangster with access to the nightclub owner, Mille Markovic.

Webb explained to Swedish Radio News that the purpose of these meetings was for the King's friends to find out information about what Mille wanted, what mateiral he had, what could be done about it and how much it would cost to obtain any material in his possession.

"It was clear from conversations that we had had, that they were worried about what any pictures might show and that they were very keen to get hold of them," says Webb.

According to Webb, the King's friends were worried about what pictures existed and what Markovic intended to do with them.

After Webb met with the club owner, another meeting was held with the King's friend, where Webb reported back that Markovic was prepared to retract comments made in the book and hand over photos, but that it would cost tens of millions of Swedish Kronor.

"I can get him to retract his comments, but naturally he wants to receive payment for this," says Webb in the recording.

According to Webb, no deal was reached and the matter has not yet been settled.