Many women suspected in child porn ring

4:54 min

On Friday morning, an unusual prosecution began against a child pornography ring in Sweden. The thing that makes this case so unique is that almost all the suspects are women. They range in age from their late-30s all the way up to 70. In all, there are 23 women across the country who are charged, along with one man, who is supsected of being at the center of the ring.

It all began last September, when police arrested a man in Borlänge in central Sweden on suspicion of committing child pornagraphy crimes. They found a large amount of child porn on his computer, which had also been sent to other people.

In October, the police swept a dozen towns across the country and in connection with this arrested for probable cause on the highest suspicion degree, suspected for child porn crimes.

All of them confessed to having offensive materials on their computers, but some have denied criminal intent and that they had gotten the pictures despite not being interested.

However, the prosecutor, Niclas Eltenius, believes that the content of internet chats prove that the women wanted the material.

In all of Swedish history, this is reportedly the most comprenesive child porn ring involving women. The women are not acquainted with each other, but they all appear to have had contact with the man in Borlänge.