Saab says no bribes in Gripen deal

The Swedish defence group Saab says that it has uncovered no evidence of bribery involved in the deal to sell 26 Gripen jet fighters to South Africa. In a statement released Friday Saab president and CEO Håkan Buskhe says:

"Our investigations are continuing, but nothing has emerged so far in the numerous investigations previously carried out by the Public Prosecution Authority to prove that anything illegal took place.”

"Saab has a zero-tolerance policy regarding bribery.”

The comments come just days after an investigative news program on TV4 said it had new evidence of corruption connected to Saab's 1999 deal to sell 28 – later reduced to 26 – Gripen jet fighters to South Africa.

The program published what it said was a 2003 contract between Saab subsidiary Sanip and Fana Hlongwane, the advisor to the South African defence minister at the time, promising to pay him millions of euros in bonuses if South Africa did not back out of the Gripen deal.